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Motivational speaker, blind entrepreneur, world traveller and television personality Amar Latif’s unique life story, personal magnetism and inspiring outlook on life make him an incredibly in-demand international motivational speaker, having delivered motivational speeches to organisations and companies such as: the NHS, Microsoft, Ralph Lauren, Skyscanner, the United Nations and American Express.

Though he has faced major challenges throughout his life, Amar has managed to turn an unpromising tale of inherited disability and loss into one of truly inspirational achievement.

Amar’s multi-faceted career has seen him work his way up through the corporate world, risk it all to build a successful and world-unique international business, and present successfully across Channel 4 and the BBC, including The Last Leg Goes Down Under and How to Get Fit Fast.

Amar’s multimedia presentations cover a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurship, motivation and inspiration, inclusive design, world travel, equality and diversity. All of Amar’s humorous speeches are relatable, fast-paced and supplemented with photos and videos of his exploits and adventures.

All of Amar’s motivational speeches are tailored to specific audiences and organisations, so rest assured that your audiences will be engaged with, motivated and inspired to move forward in both their personal and professional lives.


“Amar was a charming and enigmatic speaker, who drew the whole crowd into his story with ease. He has a unique way of sharing his experiences as a visually impaired person; from education and banking, to setting up his own business, and all the challenges in-between. He made us laugh, but more importantly, he made us think!”

“To say it was inspiring doesn’t do Amar justice.  Not only did he bring to life some of the challenges he has faced and the accessibility pitfalls many organisations fall into but did so with such humour and charisma that his audience was totally won over.  The feedback from my colleagues has been really positive, many of whom felt Amar’s interview was the highlight of the day.”

“He is incredibly inspirational, especially from someone with such a disability, the way that he has never let it hold him back. I don’t think there was anybody in here today that wasn’t inspired by what he has achieved.”

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