So, how do you guide a blind person?

Amar Latif, Traveleyes Founder and TV presenter, shows you some top tips on how to be a fabulous sighted guide to someone with sight loss.

Meet Amar Latif - "The blind guy who wants to show you the world".

Since establishing Traveleyes in 2004, Amar has travelled to hundreds of destinations around the world, leading groups of blind and sighted travellers on a multitude of travel adventures. In an interview with True North Productions, Amar speaks about his experience as a blind traveller and tour manager.

Amar Latif in 'The Last Leg Goes Down Under', 'Channel 4 TV'

Amar featured throughout Channel 4’s 2-part series – The Last Leg Goes Down Under. As an experienced world traveller, Amar planned a 3000-mile road trip for The Last Leg presenters through Australia’s outback, with a few surprises along the way! The guys were not happy when they saw Amar in the pilot seat of their plane…about to fly them over Ayers Rock. This video is a promo clip from the show, which aired in January 2016.

'Beyond Boundaries' (series 1) featuring Amar Latif, 'BBC2'

Amar was one of eleven physically disabled people who took part in the groundbreaking BBC2 reality series, Beyond Boundaries (series 1), a jungle endurance expedition across Central America. Screened worldwide, this was a grueling 220-mile trek on foot across the rugged interior of Nicaragua, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast. Only seven members of the group made it, including Amar.

Amar Latif in 'It's Adam and Shelley', the 'BBC Three' comedy series

It’s Adam and Shelley is a British television comedy sketch series written by brother and sister Adam and Shelley Longworth. The series was broadcast on BBC Three in 2007 and featured a variety of guest TV personalities. In this particular sketch, Amar has adapted the role of a blind man collecting charity donations for Guide Dogs, until a strange and unsavoury character turns up to ruin his day…

Part 1 of 'Sightseeing Blind', directed by Amar Latif, 'Channel 4TV'

Linda is a blind, middle aged woman from Bradford, who never goes anywhere without her family. Hashi is a young sighted male from Brixton, who has never traveled abroad or even met a blind person. They are strangers to each other, but together they will travel to Florence on a journey to discover independence, culture and what it really means to go sightseeing blind. Find out how Linda and Hashi get on in this Channel 4 Documentary, Sightseeing Blind, directed by Amar Latif.

Part 2 of 'Sightseeing Blind', directed by Amar Latif, Channel 4TV

Find out what happens next in the second part of Channel 4’s Sightseeing Blind, directed by Amar Latif.