Amar is recognized as a key figure in building a better future for Britain

In recognition of Amar’s determination to turn a tale of loss into one of inspirational success, he was invited to meet The Prime Minister, Mr. Gordon Brown, at 10 Downing Street.

The reception was named ‘Building Britain’s Future’. Amongst the 50 or so people invited were those whom The Prime Minister saw as playing a key role in building a better future for Britain.

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  • Amar sat at the bottom of a waterfall
    Technology – A Lifeline for the Visually Impaired
    25th April 2017

    Technology is, without a doubt, the number one liberator for Visually Impaired people (VI). Without advancements in technology, so many VI’s, myself included, would simply not be able to do the things that we do today.

  • Amar with the International School of London (Surrey) in Marrakech
    Broadening Horizons
    28th February 2016

    So many of life’s important lessons are learned outside of the classroom, which is why Amar Latif  introduced ‘Traveleyes’ to students aged 14 upwards, as part of a ‘CAS’ program (Creativity, Activity, Service). ‘CAS’ is designed to counterbalance academic rigour with experience-based learning.

  • Amar meeting with audience members after speaking at the 'Celebrating Tourism Event', GU Tech University, Oman
    Promoting Tourism in Oman
    28th February 2016

    Amar was invited to speak at the ‘Celebrating Tourism’ event by ‘GUtech University’, Oman. Amar spoke about the importance of promoting tourism, one of the worlds biggest industries, and the positive affects this would have on a country with such an attractive history and culture.